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    As a Pancreatic Cancer survivor for 2 years now, I read with interest the January Tennessean article on Linda’s Hope. I did not know until the article that there was only a 6% survival rate for the disease, as I had been more focused on my own survival than on the overall rate. I contacted the charity and offered to help in any way possible. Meredith Crowley responded to me and asked if I would come to a Board of Directors meeting. My wife and I were extremely impressed with the Board’s dedication, focus and determination to help fund research and raise awareness for this deadly killer. Anyone who has time, effort or money to spare, should check into this charity.

    Thanks again, Meredith.

    Rick Findley Retired, Kingston Springs

    “Each year, Linda’s Hope throws two events to raise funds.  The Spring Event is called Hope in the Hills.  I always donate a bag for the silent auction.  This year, I wanted to do something bigger.”

    Christina Postell Owner at Niche Handbag

    “Linda’s Hope donations largely come from a generation cancer charities normally don’t access.”

    Dr. Jordan Berlin Professor of Medicine, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, Clinical Director, GI Oncology Program Director, Phase I Program, VICC Member ,Medical Oncologist

    We have had the honor and privilege to partner with Linda’s Hope as a sponsor for the past few years. I’ve been very impressed with this organization as they have successfully increased community awareness of Pancreatic Cancer throughout the city of Nashville and have raised significant amount of funding for research in such a short time frame. We hope to continue partnering with Linda’s Hope to help one day eradicate this disease.

    John Ko Owner - Local Taco

    I was astonished when I learned that pancreatic cancer is the most under-funded and researched cancer in comparison to it’s survival percentage rate.  Linda’s Hope is heroic in their efforts to take on such a challenge and they are doing it well.


    Taylor Crowley Linda's Hope Board of Directors

    It’s amazing to see the passion and sincerity behind the Linda’s Hope team of young professionals. I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing network of people that are making a difference.

    J. Bryan Dill Owner: The Nashville Collective & Capture, LLC


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